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Psychic Medium Sue Swank 

Hi, I'm Sue M. Swank.  I want to thank you for visiting my website.  

I am a wife, mother, author, professional photographer and a psychic medium. Whatever image that you may have of what a psychic medium looks & acts like, I'm most likely not "that image" (I am not one of those who sits around, playing with crystals, while chanting all day long).

I am a natural born psychic medium (as many are, virtually everyone is born with this ability, the difference being is that some chose to pursue and develop this ability, whereas some do not).

My specialty is in Evidential Mediumship (meaning I provide validation of communication with your loved ones who have crossed over, in way of describing them, relaying certain messages that uniquely is theirs i.e.: favorite movie/t.v. show, special memory, cologne/perfume smells, etc.) & psychometry (meaning that I receive images/etc. from images & objects that I touch).

In my childhood, I recall early memories of talking to the woman who used to own my childhood home (she was a murder victim). I "knew" things about her death that no child should ever have knowledge of. 

One night, upon returning home from dinner with my mother, I saw an older man , with an old suitcase, standing on our sidewalk, looking at our front porch. I quickly jumped out and ran up to him and began to talk to him. He explained that he was there to stay for the night and that he had spoken with the previous home owner about it and she said it was ok. I quickly explained that the woman he mentioned was dead. I then said for him to stay there, while I got my mother. 

Just then, the front porch light came on and my mother called to me to come into the house and get ready for bed. I started telling her about the man, when I turned to look and he was gone. No man. No suitcase. No car. Nothing.  Amidst my protest, my mother ushered me into the house and made me go to bed. But I was certain that somewhere out there was that older man, with his suitcase, hoping to come in to sleep for the night.

Over the course of my years (blended with, many more experiences mind you), I learned how to work with my abilities. 

I've come to understand and accept the fact that I am not your typical psychic medium. I like to be unconventional and push boundaries (afterall what is life and how are we going to ascend our higher selves if we always color within the lines?).

I am available for lectures, teaching, and readings via phone, internet (email/skype/etc.) and of course, in person.

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