Psychic Medium Sue Swank 


Roxanne B.

I received a psychic reading from Sue last week and I would like to say she was spot on and was so very helpful with suggestions on a couple of things to make things easier for me and the things I was and am going through. I highly recommend her services! 

​Amy Kathleen

​I feel so lucky to have had a paid reading by Sue M Swank. It was just what i needed to come to terms with my terrms with my fathers passing in 2011. I had wrote down some questions that she answered before I even asked them. She was spot on with everything she said. We spoke awhile too. I really enjoyed the reading and would suggest her to anyone looking to get a reading. She was amazing!

Opal H.

​Have had 2 readings with Sue. Right on with her information. Gave me great peace of mind. Will definitely use her again. Great person! Great Psychic!

Ceci B.

Awesome read !! On point. Described everything that was currently happening. Not only is she in tune with you she also can read the other person that's involved. I highly recommend a reading from Sue Swank, she's awesome and you won't be disappointed

​Donna Best R.B.

Had my first reading with Sue awhile back and let me tell you that you won't be disappointed.. [🌹] . She was spot on about everything! Thank you Sue from the bottom of my heart [❤️] I highly recommend this wonderful lady

Ali T.

Where do i begin with my reading off Sue. She was amazing. She put me so as ease from the beginning. It was lovely that my dad came through and it gives me great comfort. I would highly recommend this lady. She has a true gift and got so much spot on. Thank you Sue x x

Charlotte B.

I had a psychic and a tarot card reading from Sue, and a lot of what she said made sense and answered questions I had about myself for years. She is a very gifted and wonderful woman, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Thank you Sue for helping me find myself and solve some ongoing problems that I've had for years. [😊]

Larissa Marie Houstin

​​Sue has been my go to psychic. She has done multiple readings for myself and for family members. She’s always been accurate and spot on. Even when I wasn’t sure about certain things she has picked up I was able to confirm with family members about specific details. She has predicted things that have now happened, and has communicated beyond the grave. She was able to communicate with my grandmother and other family members I hadn’t even met [🙂] I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a mediumship or psychic reading. [🙂]